Pizza Corner



Pizza Corner started as a restaurant in 1977 in a small Midwestern community on the "corner" of 2nd avenue and main street. It is from this location the name "Pizza Corner" was founded. Pizza Corner has established a niche by offering the finest pizza available on the market.

In 1980 Pizza Corner began production of their quality frozen product. The high quality specialty pizza product found a niche in grocery stores and taverns.

Today, Pizza Corner has grown into a full service pizza supplier serving the upper Midwest.

Pizza Corner Flavors

Pizza Corner is manufactured in a step-by-step process that does not allow the toppings to mix together until baking. A raised edge crust allows more toppings to be placed on top without spilling over in the oven while baking and is protected in the freezer by an air tight vacuum sealed package for sealed in flavor and added shelf life. The pizza is piled with delicious fresh toppings prepared daily in three popular sizes 7", 10", and a large 13".